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Full Version: Solution for poor eye-sight Musician?
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In my orchestra I have a fellow Musician and his eyes are not that great. He already purchased the biggest Android Samsung tablet there is, A4+.
It helps, but still there are pieces where he needs it bigger.

Placing the Tablet in Landscape mode is a great solution as the notes get bigger, but having the tablet in Landscape but the actual page being in portrait, seems to break his favourite page turning method "half page". The half page turns do not consider the tablet being in landscape and you then need to manually scroll to see the bottom of the page.

Does anyone have a better idea how to use MobileSheets in such scenario?
(or where can I otherwise leave a feature request? ;-)  )


Boox Tab X user
Just guessing here:-

Edit the song and switch to the Files tab
Change the page order to 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6... (obviously not ideal if it is a big file!)
Crop the first page 1 to just show the top of the first page, and the 2nd page 1 to just show the bottom of the true first page
Repeat cropping for other pages
Possible use vertical scroll mode when displaying the file

Obviously a lot of work involved changing the files so wait to see if Mike can offer a better solution.

You can switch the display mode to vertical scrolling with the page scaling set to "Fit Width", and also enable the option to turn a half page at time in the display mode settings. That's one option. Alternatively, you can use the single page display mode but enable half pages in landscape along with half page turns. Then you just need to adjust the half page turn positions for each page using the icon at the bottom of the song overlay.

Maybe it's something obvious you've or he's already done, but if not make sure he crops the pages as much as he can to lose as much of the margins as possible to maximize the shown area and increase the size of the displayed notes. Every little bit helps.
Direct the output to a big screen TV or monitor.  Unfortunately, android only outputs to landscape (an adaptor is needed). I think the windows version enables the tv to be set in portrait mode.
Thanks all for the suggestions!

@Geoff: That is indeed a very smart way. Luckely we are typically playing pieces with no more then 3 pages, so the effort is reasonably low. And it still alows to use his favorite Display mode "Half Page" to see already the top of the next page over the current page.

@Zubersoft/Mike: Also thanks for these suggestions. Your last suggestion is to my feeling the better one as you have more control on to where the page scrolls. It only took me a while to find the icon you mentioned. Now I just only recognize my n00b state for the app, as I confused the page turning mode (half page) with the actual feature I meant: Display Mode (Half page). But more options are better, so my fellow trumpet player can choose for him the best option.

@BRX: Cropping is indeed important! Regretfully for the pieces we currently have it is just not enough. But for sure: influencing the aspect ratio of the page to the display size can already contribute quite a bit!

@Jonk: Creative idea, but I am not sure what our director thinks of a big 27" display in the middle of the orchestra ;-) Does K&M have stands for that as well? :-P