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Full Version: Windows Notebook + Android emulator LDPlayer + MobileSheets Trial Android
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yes, I admit, a very strange combination using a

- 17'' Thinkpad (Windows)
- LDPlayer (Android emulator)
- MobileSheets Trial Android

but the reason is ... we are trying to find out whether MobileSheets
ist a solution for my wife how has a macula defect and can't see (or only
partially) the notes of spreadshets.

Therefore, first we will test with "what we have" before buying any new hard- or software.

As there is no Windows trial version of MobileSheets I downloaded the Android version
which runs in the LDPlayer emulator on my Laptop with a 17'' (!) display.


So far so good but ... but at the moment I'm not really convinced ... especially with
the page turning and scrolling (using external control devices).

One thing I can't say: Is this a "problem" of the trial version - or,
is it a problem of the combination with the emulator?

a) I don't succeed in getting a connection with a bluetooth device (e.g. selfie LE switch etc.)
Seems to be a problem with the LDPlayer. The Notebook pairs and receives signals.

b) MobileSheets receives 2,4 GHz signals (remote transmitter, USB receiver) from e.g. a wireless keyboard.
MobileSheets acts as it should do using the PLeft, PDown, PUp, PRight buttons, turning or scrolling the sheets,
but does not interpret properly the left/right buttons of the touchpad. The pages are moving always foreward.

And here is the my/my wifes wish. She needs just a "simple and big and reliable" 4-button block (to use with the hand)
with a 2,4 Ghz signal (because bluetooth does not work, e.g. Airturn page turners are all bluetooth).
Until now I could not find something ideal. A wireless numeric key block is to complicated.

Any suggestions - or other ideas?

Many thans for your help!
There is a 14-day trial of the Windows version through the Microsoft Store application. Just load the Microsoft Store app, search for MobileSheets and you should see the option to start the 14-day trial. The trial is fully functional.

b) You might need to just set up the keys and pedal actions:

1) Load MobileSheets, tap the three dots at the top right and then Settings.
2) Tap Touch & Pedal Settings and then Pedal Actions
3) Tap the "Keys" field for Pedal 1.
4) Tap the "Clear" button on the dialog.
5) Press a pedal switch.
6) If a key shows up, tap OK, then select the action you want that key to trigger from the dropdown below the keys field.

Hopefully that's the reason your wireless keyboard isn't working the way you want - it may not be triggering the actions you want.