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Full Version: Face Gestures w/Kindle?
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As the title says - can anyone verify that turning pages via facial gestures works on the Kindle version of the app? MobileSheets support wouldn't respond to me when I asked them.

I did find someone who said they got it working with a jailbroken Kindle (and presumably side-loaded MobileSheets for Android APK), but I can't find anything confirming these features also work on a Kindle tablet.

You sent me a message at 8:35 AM 4 days ago on May 17th. I responded a littler later that day with this message: 

The facial gesture feature requires Android 6.0 or higher, but works best on 8.0 or higher. If your tablet is running Android 8.0 or higher, then yes, it should work just fine on the Kindle Fire. To be clear - there is no Kindle version of MobileSheets. There is the Amazon App Store version if that is what you mean, and there is an e-ink version available through my FastSpring store. MobileSheets does not work on a standard Kindle device though (just the Kindle Fire which runs the Android operating system).

Please check your spam folder to see if my message wound up in there. I definitely do not ignore messages from users and I usually respond within hours of receiving an email.

Thank you so much for letting me know! I went back and checked and found the email! I really appreciate your responsiveness. 

At this point, I think I'm going to take advantage of some of the Memorial Day sales on fire tablets. The ones I've been looking at run Android 9 or Android 11, so I should be good. 

And I really appreciate your confirming that the app The Kindle store has this functionality. It's not explicitly stated in that storage description while being mentioned in the Google Play Store version of the app, so I wasn't sure if it was a different version that wasn't supported.
I just haven't updated the store page on the Amazon App Store for a while (I generally push users to purchase and install through Google Play when possible so that they aren't having to rely on a third party app store). I'll have to do that - thanks for mentioning it.