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Full Version: Use non-music pdf notes!
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One thing I kinda discovered by accident is that MSheets will display just about any 'normal' PDF page, music sheet or not.

This can be a really handy way to store things like performance plans for a piece, or anything you want that helps you understand a piece better.

I just make sure that I label such pages or documents with a title to match the song file it's connected to so that when I look in the song list, they appear together.
MS is really just a fancy viewer for pdf files and as such, it will display anything you like in that format (also jpegs).

Performance notes is a good idea, but instead of thinking up a fancy naming system, why not just add the notes as an additional page of the chart it refers to? Then any notes you have made are unalterably linked to their respective chart.

My preference would be to make it the first page, so that notes you had made would display before you start performing the piece.

Also, I believe that Mike is making some changes to the internal 'notes' function in the next version and what you are suggesting may not even be required then.
Awesome! Though as I replied to you in my thread over in the suggestions section -- I might argue with you saying that MS is 'just' a fancy PDF/image viewer. It's front end dbase is what really advances it above the rest. (Man, I bet if you could let users modify that part a bit you'd open things up to totally new markets! Inventory control, cataloguing collections --lots of stuff.)

Can't wait for the next version. And (fingers crossed) the all-Windows version too!
I also use MobileSheets for the manuals of my musical stuff. So I have p.e. the manual for my multieffect (Line6 Pod HD 500) and also for my JamesTylerVariax-59-guitar and the airturn 105 always with me.
They all start with "X_manual..." and are easy to find!
As I went to the last fair I put in some jpgs (Hall1, Hall2...)
MS is a multi-usable tool!!! I like it! Great stuff!!
(08-09-2014, 12:05 PM)Broacher Wrote: [ -> ]I might argue with you saying that MS is 'just' a fancy PDF/image viewer. It's front end dbase is what really advances it above the rest.

That is the fancy bit Smile
Two comments on this old thread -
1. There is a "notes" capacity now - bring up the overlay, and tap the clipboard in the top left corner.

2. MS will display any PDF /image file, and index it with a robust db function - exactly.
I now have a separate database of recipes.  
(It'd be terrific for photographs too.)

This, to me, is part of the value of being able to choose from multiple 'libraries' on startup.  It not just being in a jazz world vs being in a trad Irish world - it's recipes etc, all on the same tablet, easily switchable.

This is a very powerful tool.