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Full Version: Using a bluetooth keyboard as a pedal
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I'm only a small user of mobile sheets, nothing like as advanced as a lot of the forum users with pedals and performing and all that wonderful stuff. However I would still like to be able to move between pages while playing longer songs on my guitar.

Today I had an idea that worked out pretty well - I got the small bluetooth keyboard I use for my tablet and hooked that up while using mobilesheets. Now I can use my big toe to press the right arrow and left arrow keys while I'm playing. Its great as I can move between pages pretty easily, nothing like as clever as a pedal (that might be on the xmas list though), but I thought I'd share it as an idea for others out there.
I'm impressed. I'm lucky enough to hit the pedal with my foot, let alone an arrow key with my big toe!
Already been there, see my last post on this page - .

Still waiting for my BT mouse to arrive, first one didn't work Sad
I made my own pedal unit using a mini Bluetooth keyboard but unfortunately it had timeout issues which I think are down to the keyboard itself rather than Android OS, as it happens on both tablets I have. I'll probably try again using the Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Key module, which is ideal for such a DIY project.
I was thinking that timeout might be a problem. I guess it rather depends on how long it takes. Anything over 10 minutes would probably be OK for me, as I can't imagine there would be longer than that between pedal presses.

I like the look of the Adafruit module and could be persuaded that it was a better route than hacking a mouse. However, not only is it three times the price of a BT mouse, they want another $30 odd to ship it to me. Adding up the total cost, I could buy a commercial BT pedal for much the same money and without the hassle.

I'll try the mouse route first Smile .
Have you checked their international distributors? As you're in Spain, try for instance.

Someone on Twitter has mentioned using the module for use with Mobilesheets and said it worked fine with no timeout issues. I do agree that it's a bit pricey overall though, there are obviously cheaper alternatives.
Thanks for that link - useful looking stuff there. I'll keep it in mind, if my original idea fails to work.
BT mouse is working good for me, with a Lenovo S2109 tablet. Put it on a small piece of plywood, on top of a "sticky mat" (home goods store- drawer liner). And tape over the laser underneath the mouse.
Mine works beautifully! Smile 

I used rubber stoppers sliced in half as 'key extensions' for easier foot actuation.
The rubber bits are attached to the selected keys with blu-tack, but you could use a more permanent cement/glue.

The Air-Turn pedals look nice, but no way can I afford $150+. Sad
The dedicated pedals are, indeed, expensive. You have to remember it's a relatively small target market and the high price is needed to cover the cost of R&D and making a profit. That said, I see you can now buy one for a little over 60 euros, so they are getting cheaper.

I tried the hacked mouse mouse/keyboard route for a while but was plagued with timeout problems and I never found a way to overcome them.

In the end, I went for the EZ-Key module and built my own pedal set, details of the construction are in this post - . This has proved extremely reliable in use.