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Full Version: New Bug Reporting System
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In addition to the forum, I have set up a dedicated bug tracking system at I will also track user suggestions for enhancements there. I will begin writing up my huge backlog of bugs/feature requests/enhancements very soon. Users are welcome to submit bugs they find as well. This will provide an easier way for me to track defects, but I also want users to have more visibility into my progress on the various fixes.

If you want to submit a bug, please provide as much detail as you can as to what happened, what you were doing when it happened, and hopefully a way to reproduce the error. Everyone is still welcome to post defects in the forum as well, as it makes it easy for anyone to respond.


Is the bugzilla bug reporting system obsolete?

Didn't get any confirmation on the last bug (#20) I reported and I cannot login to the bugzilla system either. Reset of password didn't help.
No, the bugzilla bug reporting system is not obsolete. I read your report - several people reported the bug around the same time, but through different means. I apologize for not responding sooner - the bug is fixed in v4.0.6

I registered on your new Bugzilla system - thanks! This looks like a great tool, and I agree that it's nice to have visibility into the issues that are being worked on.

I can think of a few additional fields and/or values that might be useful for people reporting bugs:

1. The Android version for their device (maybe this could be different choices for the platform OS?)
2. The market that they bought the app from
3. I notice that you don't have Nook or Toshiba Thrive listed as Hardware choices. I believe there are at least 2 of us in the forum who are using Thrives (myself included)
4. For MobileSheets Companion issues, it might be useful to know the user's Windows version

I realize that any of the above can be entered in the Description box, but it's my experience with bug tracking systems that people will often forget to enter that information if they aren't prompted for it Smile

Thanks again!
- Mike
I've added all the fields. Thanks for the suggestion Mike, really appreciate it.
(03-07-2013, 04:29 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]I've added all the fields. Thanks for the suggestion Mike, really appreciate it.

You're very welcome.

BTW, I just added a minor bug for Companion, and I noticed that the new fields for Market and Android OS are shown once I view the bug after entering it, but those fields don't seem to be enabled on the "Enter Bug" screen.

Also, I assume that if we enter bugs directly into Bugzilla, there's no need to post here about them?
[Edit - here's an idea: maybe it's possible for bugs posted in Bugzilla to automatically create a post in this section?]
I fixed the settings on those new fields. Thanks again.

You are correct - I don't think we need posts in both places. I'd have to do a lot of work to figure out how to tie bug submissions in bugzilla into posts on the forum, and I think I'd rather spend my energy on the app right now Smile Good idea though.
I just started using MobileSheets with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android 4.1) and an Airturn-105. I use PDF images for the music files. However, I have been having an issue when I open one of my files that's meant for landscape mode (based on the size of the image), and the tablet is in portrait mode. For one particular piece, this guarantees that the app will freeze and crash. For most other pieces, this means that it will take a long time to load when I turn the tablet back to the right orientation and come near freezing and crashing. This can become very inconvenient in a church service where I must switch from the closing song in portrait mode to the postlude in landscape mode, all within maybe two to four seconds.

In short, if I try to load a song meant for landscape mode and it loads in portrait mode, it will nearly freeze the program.
Can I get a copy of that file for testing? It might be in your best interest to convert the PDF to images so that you have complete control over the orientation (and it will load much faster based on your description). PDF to image conversion is available either from the song editor screen or through the Options->Utilities.
You should add a link at
What about a field "fixed with" which refers to a version in which this issue is fixed.
E.g. Bug-33 would refer to 4.1.1.

These information could also used for creating (supporting) release notes.
That's a great suggestion. I'll make a note to add that.

MS Companion doesnt list the actual version.
When entering a bug for MS-C: is it really required to enter "where to buy" (downloaded MS-C from or Android version (running MS-C on Win7).
Is bugzilla still being used? I really hope so, because the forums are very awkward for tracking issues. However, when I go to enter a new bug in bugzilla, there is no way to choose MobileSheetsPro as a product, and none of the version numbers for the MobileSheets product are right - they are all between 3.4 and 4.1.6, whereas MobileSheetsPro started from 1.0.x.
TBH, I think Bugzilla is pretty much dead in the water - at least as far as this release is concerned. Maybe, when/if Mike embarks on another major upgrade (depending on how much of a glutton for punishment he is) we could be more organised over the reporting of bugs, etc., as I would agree it has been a little haphazard this time around.
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