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Full Version: Best Tablet / Bluetooth Pedal/ Stand Combo?
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Any quick recommendations on a larger tablet (12"+), bluetooth pedal, and stand combinations? This will be a rig used often on the road (gigs 2-3 times per week). Battery life in important, but not critical beyond 3 hours. I need to get 2 units (for complete redundancy), so cost is a factor. Also, some durable cases for ease of transport (very often I need to play at 2-3 different physical areas for one gig and have to move quickly and often).

I am a classical guitarist and my online library is all PDFs. However, I have many clients and numerous set lists by client, then larger set lists by type of venue - larger storage may be useful..

Thanks for your help and input.
Here is my setup. Samsung 12.2 with a holder that clamps to my stand, a Firefly page turner (Bluetooth) and a Alto 15in bluetooth 800 watt speaker.