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Full Version: MobileSheets v3.8 and MobileSheets Companion v1.3.4 Released
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Although it took longer than I had planned, I'm pleased to announce the release of v3.8 for MobileSheets. This release has a large number of bug fixes and a few great enhancements as well. As always, I can't thank enough all of the users that have reported issues, and helped me reproduce the problems, as well as all of you that have sent great ideas my way.

Changes for MobileSheets v3.8:
- Fixed crash with Android 4.2
- Added PDF to image conversion support through the options page
- Night mode now works correctly for image files
- Fixed bug where adding audio files to a new song didn't actually save the audio files
- Added support for password protected PDFs
- Added ability to set library screen text size in the options.
- Fixed bug where library restore would fail if any stamp annotations had been used
- Added ability to hide page slider at all times
- Added option to load entire setlist when song is tapped on the library screen
- Fixed issue with stamps no longer showing up in songs
- Added color to notes symbol on song editor screen to signify that a song has audio tracks
- Fixed bug that would cause copying a song to remove the original song's files
- Fixed annotations mode panning issue in landscape mode
- Fixed half page turns with a pedal
- Removed ads from the free version
- Fixed delay in turning pages
- Removed double-tap and added press and hold option for bringing up the overlay

Changes for MobileSheetsCompanion v1.3.4:
- Fixed a number of crashes
- Fixed bugs with reordering setlists
- Fixed drag and drop bugs with various lists
- Now properly stripping out '~' as an invalid character for filenames
- Fixed issues with batch importing image file types