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Full Version: 2 page display mode
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Does anyone know how I display 2 pages next to each other in landscape mode. It mentioned it in another thread but a can't see how it is done.
That is a new feature in the upcoming MobileSheets Pro which is in beta at this time. You probably read about in the Beta threads.
this is what i do for now:
scan each page,
start ms publisher or other such program,
landscape mode,
publication type: custom,
change width: 12.45 height: 7.5,
(these figures work for my kindle hd fire 8.9 and then to a 22" samsung tv)
now use the vertical margin line and center it on the page,
put 1st page on left and second page on right etc...
save as... name it,
change type to jpg,
ready to upload them to mobilesheets!