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Full Version: Progress Towards Next Update
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This thread will be used to give all the MobileSheets users an idea of where I'm at with releasing updates. I will try to keep it updated with what I've completed, and what is left to do for each update.

Annotations - Support for adding text, highlighting, drawing, and music symbols.
Hey Mike,

Any chance of a V2.51 point release picking up some of the smaller changes before the big 2.6 update?

Yes Curt, I have decided to make 2.6 a release for bug fixes, and smaller changes (I'm actually going to jump to 2.7 so the Google and SlideME markets match again. 2.8 will include annotations). I just haven't had time to update this page yet. I'll try to show everything I'm fixing tonight to keep people informed. I was hoping to get the update out before I leave for the Grand Canyon tomorrow night, but I may not have time. If not, I will try to put out the update on Sunday when I return. I'm certainly not going to rush another release without proper testing...

As a side note, I may put out a companion app update sooner with lots of fixes.
Great news. Thanks!

Have a great time at the Grand Canyon!
Well I'm back from the Grand Canyon, but a lot later than planned. I will work on updating the list soon. I'm squeezing some additional bug fixes and such in the next update, so it's grown in size a little. It's also slowing down the annotations a little bit, but the bug fixes are important.
I was just wondering if there is an ETA on the annotations update?? I know that you have had a lot of other issues to fix - but this really is the thing that is going to make my ability to use this app. I use the app for theatre shows that I am in - and really need the abiliy to highlight the line I am singing and to add notes etc in for things from the Musical Director. Thanks in anticipation Smile

EDIT: Also - I am chasing an ETA because I start my next show in 4 weeks - and am trying to work out if it is likely to be ready in time at all??? Or if I need to come up with an alternative plan in the interim.

I'm working away on it, but it's hard to give an absolute date because my free time is variable. I usually work on the app late at night after I get home from my day job, and on weekends. I tend to make the most progress on the weekend, as I get large stretches of time where I can focus. I have something planned for the next two weekends, unfortunately, so the progress will be sporadic. I have the next two weekends after that free, so I may be able to get the update done in 4 weeks or less. I'll try to post a progress update sometime this week that will provide more information on what's done, and what's still left. I apologize for it taking so long - it's the major downside to this being my side work versus my primary job. If I ever manage to make enough money to quit my day job, I can make this app world class in no time Smile
Take your time, Mike. You're doing a great job supporting this app.
Thanks for the update Smile Sorry - I wasnt meaning to sound impatient... I am just super excited about being able to use this app for my upcoming show Smile It is a fabulous app - it is the one app that I have that i have actually followed the progress of - but then the ability to keep my entire sheet music collection with me on my tablet at all times is great Smile Thanks for all the hard work you have done so far - and I really look forward to the next update Smile
(04-19-2012, 05:26 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]This thread will be used to give all the MobileSheets users an idea of where I'm at with releasing updates. I will try to keep it updated with what I've completed, and what is left to do for each update.

80% Ability to rename artists, albums, and delete artists,albums, and genres.
100% Setting to skip straight to All Albums when an artist is selected
100% Random button will now require confirmation, and will only work on the items shown on the library screen
100% PDF renderer updates
100% Random bug fixes
0% Only play back audio tracks for the currently visible song. Limit audio track selections based on user settings (current song only, or entire playlist). Also add option to automatically start playing next audio track if song is switched (and audio track was already playing), or stop playing when this occurs.

Annotations - Support for adding text, highlighting, drawing, and music symbols.

Annotation editing is being implemented as a separate activity. The layout is almost complete, including creating all of the icons, and some initial functionality has been implemented. Zooming is being designed to allow positional zooms.

Don't want to seem impatient, if I do, I appologise, but do you have an update on the progress towards 3.1?
Hi Mike

Not meaning to sound impatient (less impatient, more excited)

Just wondering how the progress is coming on the Annotations?? I have just started regular singing lessons and was using a playlist within the app for the stuff that I have been working on - but I am really looking foward to being able to write the notes and mark the changes that we make direct in the app instead of having to have seperate paper sheet music for this.

Thanks in advance - it is a great app!! Smile
I'd say I'm about 70% done with all of the coding for annotations. I need to thoroughly test it all though, which is going to take awhile. I may look for some volunteers who want to test it early, but those people would have to make a backup of their library/uninstall/install the beta version/restore their library. If you are interested, I'll let you know when a beta version is available.
Hi Mike,

I'd gladly help you by testing beta versions of MS.
Backups are made regularly so that shouldn't prove to be a problem.

Some information:
Asus TF101
ICS version 4.0.3

Would also be happy to test on Asus 300.
I would also be available to help test if needed.

Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android V3.2
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