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Full Version: Anyone looking for 'auto turn on' for their tablet screen?
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My tablet monitor sits on my piano and gets used infrequently so i was really happy to find a solution that uses it's onboard camera with a motion detection app and another little 'turn screen on' app, the latter being very hard to find I might add. Anyway used with Phone Weaver (android phone app) you can express how bright it comes on (useful in daylight to be brighter) and at night maybe have it slightly dimmer etc. there's no 'off the shelf' solution for auto turn on as i found out (to my knowledge) but I found a guy who put these apps together and got it all to work. I followed it and it works great after some tweeking. Not to everyones liking i'm sure but great for occasional users who don't want to think about firing up the tablet out of standby every time they sit down to use it.

If the link below is allowed you can find the guys post a little way down the page (marklyn) on this android forum.

Hope that helps anyone.  Wink 

cheers.  Sean
Clever stuff, but it seems a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut for our purpose (displaying music charts). I just turn the screen off, if the tablet is not going to be needed for a while.
Hi, yes definitely not for all. I like slaving things wherever possible, lazy I guess :-)