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Full Version: Managing Albums
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I notice with albums, to switch from one song to another, I need to go back and select the next song.  That is fine for performances but for my own practice sessions, I like to swipe or press the side to move to the next song and play through the whole book.  I have some songs in setlists and notice that I can do this but is this a good place to load them to initially.  I have quite a few large albums, separated into individual Pdf files: how do I bulk load them into setlists. 

MobileSheetsPro is adding multiple ways to achieve what you are looking for:

1) There is an option to load the current album as a temporary setlist
2) There is an option to import all songs from any album into an existing setlist
3) There is an option in the settings that lets you page through every song in the last group being viewed on the library screen.

I'm trying to get it finished ASAP.