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Full Version: Storage????
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Help, I cannot get my head around the storage options.

I have an external memory card that I would like all my songs stored on without copies made on my internal memory.  I thought I had achieved that until I took out my memory card to rename some albums that were given numbers when I batch imported them (1 followed by 10, 19 followed by 2 scenario) and found that:
Some of my albums were on my tablet but not on the card.
All albums were accessible on the tablet with the card removed.
Changes made to the title (number) didn't show up in the albums when I re-inserted the card.

I have read and re-read the manual and still find it confusing.

Can anyone explain how to achieve a single copy on my memory card and rectify what I have currently got.

As I had no response, I just deleted and reuploaded.

Sorry John - I should have gotten back to you faster. If you want to control your file locations, just make sure you leave "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files" off, and set the storage location to the exact spot on the SD card that you want everything centrally located. Do not make changes to your library with the SD card out though as that can cause issues. Also, do not expose your database to your SD card unless you absolutely do not plan on running MobileSheetsPro with the SD card out.

Thank you

If "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files" is off, what happens if the external file changes? Does it get updated automatically? Do annotations get lost?
MS does not change the score files, all MS edits happen in the database.
When the song that refers to the changed file is opened the next time, the file's changes are shown.
If the song is open in MS when the file is changed, you have to close and re-open the song before you see the changes.
I frequently edit ChordPro files on the tablet, no issues so far.
Regarding PDFs and annotations I would expect (did not try) that the annotations are kept, their positions might change depending what was changed in the PDF. Maybe somebody else can confirm that.
I gave it a try.
I copied Some_Music.pdf as Foo.pdf and imported it ("Let MobileSheets Manage my Files" is off).
I made some annotations to Foo (Some Music) and back to the index list.
I copied Some_Other_Music.pdf as Foo.pdf and then selected "Foo" on the index list.
The new (Some Other Music) document shows, with the existing annotations at the original places. This is actually what I would expect to happen.
The same happens with "Swap file".
Since MobileSheetsPro registers file size and dates, it may be worth to check whether the physical file has been changed and notify the user that it will be reloaded.

PS: I would not be surprised if changing a file for a shorter one may confuse (crash) MSP so I assume "Swap file" would always be the preferred way to change a file.
I actually do check file timestamps for changes, and if a change is detected, I check to see if the number of pages in the file is different, and adjust as needed. It all happens very quickly though, especially if the file has a different timestamp but has identical content.
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