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Full Version: Dark Theme
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Although I think the new theme is very good and I will certainly be using it most of the time, I don't seem to be able to turn it off (via the settings menu).  Anyone else having this problem?
I loaded up a v4.1.2 emulator to see if I could see what you are seeing. I was able to toggle the dark theme on/off in the settings without any issues. Just to clarify - if you turn the dark theme on, the lists go black, and if you turn it back off, they stay black? I'm hoping I can figure out some way to reproduce this.... If you do something like long press the list, it still stays black?

Yes, I turn it on and it turns black - really nice like that. However, since turning it on, I have been unable to turn it off again Sad .

Not sure what you mean by long pressing the list, which list are we talking about?
Any list on the library screen that is black. I'm just wondering if you interact with the lists if they will suddenly redraw themselves with the correct colors. You don't have night mode enabled at the same time do you? Night mode also inverts the list colors, so if you leave that on but turn off the dark theme, the lists will still be black.
You got it! I did have night mode enabled, as I use it for most of the time. Turning that off got me back the normal view. It seems a little unintuitive, but I think I have a handle on it now.