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Full Version: the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
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I agree on the good features of the S7FE - we have one as general usage tablet. But I still prefer my double sided display set up with ancient 12.2" Samsung tablets (discussed at ) over just one new one.

Should ever one (or both) of the old Samsungs pass away I bet i'll replace it/them by the S2FE.

Has anybody already tested ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C (10.3” color E Ink display)?
Or any other color E Ink device?
(07-10-2023, 07:07 PM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C (10.3” ... display)?

... would be too small for my eyes. Ever checked a 10.3" display w/r/to score reading in advance?

Sure, see my signature. The Acer has a 4:3 8'' display, I used it for years. My current main device is the HP Detachable with 16:10 10'' display.
I'd expect from the BOOX a much better readability outdoors in the sunlight
On my 11th year of using MobileSheets... I've moved from 13.3 inch Haanspree to a 12 inch Honor 8 pad. It's soooo much lighter and easier to move, I think I forgot how huge and heavy the 13.3 haanspree tablet is. Every gig I get comments and jokes about how bad my eyes must be.... The Honor 8 pad is nice, but it is noticeablely smaller when side by side. Not used it on stage yet until Friday but don't forsee any problems. I also use my tablet for FoH mixing duties on occasion and my god the behemoth 13.3 would wreck my wrist after not too long!
I've just placed an online order for an Doogee T30 Pro 11" Android Tablet.
I would have preferred larger than 11" but the price of these is very good.
Hope it will be OK. Doogee T30 Pro Android Tablet
There was an interesting YT-Video by the foremost YT tech reviewer MKBHD on the Android phone TCL NXTPAPER

with the remark that TCL makes tablets with this too.

There's for instance a 12.2 tablet.

I think that's quite interesting to combine the power of a "normal" Android tablet with some e-ink-like advantages. Also supports a microSD which I like very much.

The 11 inch one is 234 € at Amazon. The 12.2 I found at AliBaba for 300 € (but also way more expensive offers).

Does anyone have experiences with these TCL tablets (or opinions)?

P.S. According to one review only the 11 one has the paper like features and it has better processor speed. But maybe it's outdated since it seems to be otherwise on the TCL page. Have to investigate more.
I'm not convinced it's e-ink - the Amazon specs say IPS and

Quote:"Anti-glare paper-like feel display - Experience full-color images at 500 nits "

and The TCL blurb says it feels like paper
It's not. It's a LCD Display with special textures/layers and some hardware and software tricks. The mentioned video explains that.
I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+. It has an 11 inch 16:10 screen which, while not perfect, is quite good for single page displays and very affordable.
I crop the margins off of the pdfs and the screen is almost completely filled - and at a readable size (I wear glasses so my eyesight is not the best).

It's a massive improvement from the 10.1 in tablet.
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