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Full Version: Portrait or Landscape
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What about adding a hint, when the tablet has the wrong orientation for a song?

Maybe there should be an option to set the perfect orientation for the song too.
To me, that implies the user will be changing the orientation of the tablet throughout the performance - and I don't think too many would want to do that. I think that most of us decide which orientation works for us (primarily dependent on the size of the tablet, landscape would look really silly on a 7" display) and stick with it.
In my library are some songs that definitely need portrait orientation and some that must be landscape orientation. It's so compelling (is that the right word?) that I rather accept the inconvenience of changing the orientation of my tablet on stage than changing all my scores to the same orientation.
In my opinion a hint is not what we need. But I reported some errors about the "Fit Screen" setting of Page Scaling Mode that are really annoying and need to be fixed
I never was able to reproduce those errors with the "Fit Screen" page scaling mode that you talked about. I'm not sure if it's related to a combination of settings, the dimensions of your documents/device, or something else entirely, but I'll definitely need more help reproducing it.