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Full Version: [1.0.2] importing GIF files
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Again I came across about a GIF file that is not imported correctly.
Is there a general problem using GIF files?
The mentioned previous bug report was this
Whereas the GIF in the previous post was a downloaded one from the internet, the GIF file of today's post is completely created by me, so it should be reproducable
I'm fairly convinced that these GIF problems are device specific. I have tested with my Nexus 10 and do not see any problems. I will continue trying on several more devices. If I can't reproduce the problem on any of my other tablets, I'm not sure what else to do...

itsme - Do you have "Display Half page in Landscape" checked in the settings? If so, please try unchecking this to see if it fixes the problem you are seeing.

nope, I never use "half page in landscape"
This GIF file opens correctly in my tablet: Samsung SM-P900, OS 4.4.2