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Full Version: Midicontrol of Registration in the Keyboard Yamaha Tyros 4
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Someone used a Yamaha keyboard tyros 2 - 5 of tyre and deals with the MIDI control of Registrations in the Tyros i.V. with MobileSheetsPro?

P.S.: I can only little English, translation with Google
I use MSPro to load registrations on Tyros V through MIDI commands (if that is your question)
Is this the same as what Fred Smith uses, from PSRTutorial web site. I' m very intrigued.
Depends on what you are referring to. What I found on Fred, is a video where he explains how to automatically load a music sheet on ipad, by loading the related registration on Tyros.
I do the inverse. The registration is loaded automaticallly on Tyros by loading the related music sheet in MS Pro.
Hi Rey,
Yes, that is my question Smile . How are your MIDI-Setups in the MS Pro globally, in the Notes
and in the Tyros V. Thank you.
I am going to try and compose a small text explaining how it works for me
Thanks for that Rey. It's all becoming as clear as mud, LOL. Ok I'll have to put my thinking head on and have a go at doing it the other way round.Look forward to the text. Thanks.
Now first let me say that I am by no means a MIDI expert (started learning MIDIwhile in the MS Pro beta program), nor a Tyros expert (have had mine for 6 weeks). So there may be other (better?) ways to do this.
But this setup works for me.

How to load Tyros Registration from music sheet in MS Pro.
Selecting a song in Mobilesheets and have Tyros automatically load the related registration is actually not so difficult to accomplish using the MIDI capabilites of MS Pro and Tyros.
First some background information
An issue to overcome is that, while Tyros stores registrations as named files in folders on its internal drive,  MIDI is only able to send out numbers between 1 and 128, not filenames.
The solution here is to have Tyros, from the folder it is currently using for it's registrations,  load the registration file with a sequence number, based on the received MIDI number. So sending x from MS Pro, should mean that the x'th registration file in the Tyros folder is loaded. But there are a few small catches (read on)
A first catch is that not all MIDI systems are equal. Some are zero based (use numbers from 0=>127) others are 1 based (use numbers from 1=>128). When having the two communicate, you have to take that into account.
In practice here, it means that sending number x from MS Pro will actually cause the 'x + 1' 'th registration file in the Tyros folder to be loaded. So sending a 3 from MS Pro, will cause Tyros to load the 4th file in the folder. Sending a 0 will load the first file in the folder.
A second catch, is that when I am talking about the 4th file in  the folder, it means the 4th file, sorted alphabetically. So in order to preserve correct order we need to have the registration file names on Tyros start by a number. This will assure that the correct file is always loaded using MIDI.
Example for registration file naming on Tyros.
            000Song x
            001Song y
Starting the file name numbering with zero, will make it a little easier to remember what number to configure in MS Pro. So sending 0 will load file one, which is named 000Songx. Sending a 2 will load file 3 which is named 002Songz.. . .
Now in practice :
In Mobilesheets Pro
One time setup:
- In settings, choose MIDI channel 1 to use in the communication. (It's MS Pro's default, so normally you would not even need to change it)
To be performed for every song you want the registration to load on Tyros:
- In the song settings (edit screen/MIDI tab), add a 'Patch select' with following parameters
            - MSB : I do not use it
            - LSB : The number x to be sent to Tyros. Remember file x+1 will be loaded.
            - PC (Program Change): Can be used to activate a registration memory button on Tyros. 0 will activate button 1. sending 7 will activate
               button 8
            - Choose "Send on Load"
            Save the song settings.
On Tyros
One time setup:
-On Tyros there is a predefinied MIDI setting which can be used.
So go to MIDI settings on Tyros, and select the predefined setting 'All Parts'.
This predefined setting is set to receive the commands we need on MIDI port B, so you will need to connect your (USB to) MIDI cable to MIDI B on the Tyros and of course also to your tablet.
To be performed for every song you want the registration to be loaded by MS Pro:
- Save your registration on Tyros according to the above suggestions, and make sure they are in a Folder on Tyros, where all registration files start with the suggested sequence number.
To test the setup.
- Make sure the MIDI cable is connected to both tablet and Tyros.
- Load MS Pro.
When the midi cable is correctly connected, you should receive a message when loading MS Pro, asking if you want MS Pro to use the USB connection. Press OK.
If you do not get this message, the cable is probably not connected as it should.
Now make sure that Tyros currently has a registration loaded from the folder from which you want to load registrations through MIDI. If not, on Tyros go to the correct folder, load any registration there (does not matter which - it is just to point Tyros to the right folder).
Now load a song in MSPro, and the related registration should be loaded on Tyros. Even with the correct button activated.
Hi Rey

Thanks for that tutorial......managed to get it up and running in under an hour on my Samsung 12.2.
I had also used Fred Smiths method on my ipad but that took me weeks to incorporate.....that was down to me and not Fred. Smile
Having used Fred's tutorial previously has obviously helped me get your method running much quicker.
Thanks again.

Must also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to  'Mike', I believe the man behind this excellent MSPro software......simply the best.

Thanks Rey. Worked a treat, had it up and running in no time at all. Once again thanks for all your time and trouble.
Hi Rey,
Thank you for your Information. The switching of the Registration worked with your help immediately.  Idea  However, I am well versed in Midi I had made a mistake.

If not yet known here a general reference to the Yamaha Keyboard Tyros 2 to Tyros 5.
When Tyros is necessary to note that the Keyboard-System managed in a Folder only up to 500 Files.
If you want to save more Registration-Banks have to create a new Folder. A Folder may therefore only up to 500 Reg-Banks stored (e.g. Song-Nr. 000 xxx - 499 xxx).
xxx are variable Names. In the Tyros A Reg-Bank can e.g. mean: 487 Beginn the Beguine.
As Rey was writing must be preceded by the sort to maintain the 3-digit Number.

In the Song-Setting in MobileSheets Pro therefore the MSB-Parameter is very important because the MSB-Parameter 0 only up to 128 Reg benches
in Tyros on (eg Song-Nr. 000 xxx - 127 xxx).
Here the Setting to switch up to 500 Reg benches in Tyre in the Song Setting MS Pro.

With MSB/LSB/ProgramChange all possible 500 Reg banks of a folder can be selected
(e.B. Song No. 000 xxx -. 499 xxx).
Add a 'Patch select' with following Parameters im Song-Setting in MS-Pro
MSB      LSB         Programm    corresponds
                          Change        Song-Nr.
 0       0 - 127       0 - 7       000 xxx - 127 xxx
 1       0 - 127       0 - 7       128 xxx - 255 xxx
 2       0 - 127       0 - 7       256 xxx - 383 xxx
 3       0 - 127       0 - 7       384 xxx - 499 xxx
ProgramChange 0 - 7 respective switches the Reg-Places on 1 - 8

Example for driving the Reg-Bank 487 Beginn the Beguine on Reg No. 5
In MS-Pro of the Song Beginn the Beguine add a 'Patch select' Following with follewing the Parameter:
MSB 3 - LSB 103 - ProgramChange 4

Let me also a big thank you to Mike for his outstanding work. MobileSheets was very good but the Pro version with the midi controller and the new features is absolutely outrageous.
In the official German-Yamaha-Forum i will recommend MS-Pro greatly.

I hope i could help.
I can little English. I have translate with Googletranslator from German to English.

Siggi, good to know. Thanks for the info!
Midi-Control from Keyboard Tyros 4 to MS-Pro

More Midi-Tests I have found that one MS Pro Keyboard from Tyros 4 out can control. Wink

When calling a Registration in Tyros then Sheetmusic in MS-Pro are automatically called.
One can build a Folder-Structure and therefrom call a Registration in Tyros. The corresponding Sheetmusic or the Text is immediately in MS-Pro and so called.
Prerequisite is merely that a Dummy-Midifile is linked to the Registration.
In Dummy-Midifile only 3 Midicontroller MSB, LSB and Program-Change should be.
As already described above must of course be entered in MS-Pro in each song, the corresponding MIDI-Messages and additional "Load Song when receiving" to "ON" must be set.

Here are Direct-Links to prefabricated, free Dummy-Midifile:

Have fun trying.

Can this be used also now for the new PSR SX600  keyboard ?
(12-15-2020, 09:55 PM)janamdo Wrote: [ -> ]Hi
Can this be used also now for the new PSR SX600  keyboard ?


I don't own a SX600 but I downloaded the datalist manual to check for you, and on page 58, it states that a MIDI control change is linked to MIDI Reception / Keyboard / (regist). Which is Yamaha's way of saying that this feature will work on a SX600 keyboard

For keyboards that do not support this feature, the manual will state '(right 1)' in stead of '(regist)'