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Full Version: Companion Pro [2.0.3]
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Mike, can you please describe what is supposed to happen with the different Extract options when you have loaded a backup file into Companion and do not have it connected to the tablet.

In the manual, it says you can select a bunch of files and then extract them - so far, I have failed to make this work, it just extracts the first file of the selected group.  Also, if there are associated audio files it can't extract them and just throws up an error message.

There are some other oddities, which are anything but intuitive.  For example, I select a Collection that has only one chart in it.  Hitting 'extract all' appears to do just that - it rushes off and seems to extract every chart I have.  Since there are some 2,000, I have never let it run its course to see if that is the case, but just exited the program.  It seems to me that 'extract all' should really only refer to the displayed charts (say, from a collection or setlist) not everything that's in the backup.
I haven't really focused on the extraction dialog. I'm going to need to do some additional work there. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
No problem - there are probably more important issues to be sorted first Smile .
Following a discussion here a few days ago, I've just entered this into Bugzilla and I'm interested to see how well it works. This is the first time I have used this system, so I hope I got it right!
It looks great Graeme, thanks for taking the time to create the bug report. It will make my life so much easier in the long run to use a dedicated bug tracking system.
Well, it was obvious that bug reporting on the forum, while useful, was pretty haphazard and I would guess you had a lot of trouble keeping track of all the different issues that were raised (and some still are being raised). So, it made sense to me to try Bugzilla out and see if it made tracking bugs any easier. If it does work as well as people seem to think, then there is a good argument for taking bugs off the forum completely.