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Full Version: Problem importing new Songs from ompanion
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Motorola Xoom and Acer Aspire laptop:
Since update installed today I can't import new songs via the Companion (have yet to try via the tablet): drag & drop png or jpg or pdf file into Companion, usual "Add" screen comes up but button to save" greyed out.
I'll look into this right away.
Thanks for your speedy response (as ever) - the difficulty is annoying rather than critical as I have just been able to add a Song on the tablet.


I just add files to several of my tablets tonight using the companion app. I just dragged a pdf into the companion app, then hit enter to accept. What exactly isn't working correctly for you? Could you take a screenshot for me?

For anyone else that experiences this, you MUST enter something for artist and album in the companion. You cannot leave them blank, or the OK button will be disabled. I am adding support for blank fields in the future, but because of the relationships in the database, you have to enter something with the current version.
Noted thanks Mike - I see the option to save is available once the artist and album fields are populated, indeed the option to save remains even if the artist and album data are then deleted. Probably best NOT to do that to avoid any risk of mucking up the database relationships

Just found the option to load the setllst when loading a (setlist) song - brilliant!