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Full Version: 1.0.4 Imported files not displayed, Nook HD+
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Since my Asus is elsewhere right now, I started using the Nook. I imported a small batch file using the Companion. No files were displayed so I checked using a file manager. The files are on the Nook. I think the problem lies in how B&N identifies their internal as 'SDcard' and MSP itentifies SDCard as external storage. The sdcard icon is lit in choose storage location even when the folder icon is selected [it switches back]. I also checked using MS, the files were displayed ok, if that helps.

Kept at it and tried doing a batch import again, but this time using Pro and the location on the Nook [not Companion/pc] and the songs are now there. My question now is the batch import using Companion supposed to place the files where they will display or is the 2nd import required before they display?

It's been awhile since I actually used the Companion to import anything.  Shy