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Full Version: Landscape half page, rotate
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With the Setting landscape displays half page, if you are in landscape and open a song, then rotate, it will show a small full page instead of full screen. This might be a bug?
What OS version is your tablet running? I don't see this problem on my Nexus 10, but the orientation change handling is a little bit different depending upon the OS version.
Acer A200 OS 4.0.3
it happens.

Nexus 7 OS 5.1
I noticed it can be ok, but if you rotate a few times (either rotate when rendering or wait for it to finish rendering then rotate) it usually shows in portrait correctly, but sometimes will be small. You might be able to see this on your Nexus 10 also?
Not evident on txt nor ChordPro files, just PDF.
I can send a video if required.
Found it occurs sometimes on a Chord Pro chart (Nexus 7) so probably not related to PDF, but screen redraw.
I'll see if I can make the orientation switching code more reliable somehow. Thanks for letting me know.