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Full Version: Changes to Companion
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Features I'd like to see in Companion;

1 - Select columns to view.  I don't use many of these - keys, composer, artist, etc. - so it would be good if I could hide them.

2 - An additional column to show if a chart had an associated audio file.

3 - When extracting a file from a backup (i.e. not connected to the tablet) extract any associated audio file/s as well as the image file.

No panic for any of these, just ideas for the future.
I agree with Graeme.  The current MSP Companion does not show the fields Composer, Source, Custom Group, Signature, Keyword, Custom 2 and Tempo on the main screen.  You can search on these fields but they don't display on the tune line.  So you can easily find the ones that have the field filled in but you don't know which ones are missing an entry in a particular field.

Because I use this screen to quickly check what data is missing from my db, it would be very helpful to have the ability to see all the fields.  Or better yet, as Graeme suggests, have an option to show only the fields you want displayed.  Txs!