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Full Version: Feature suggestions for companion
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1 Visual indication by which column the songs are ordered.

2 Ability to sort songs in the songs tab by creation date.
After doing a batch import, it would be nice to be able to make final adjustments in companion to the songs just added in an easy way Sorting them by creation date would group these songs to make them easily accessible.
Any other way for accomplishing this would of course also be fine.

3 Keyboard shortcuts
Example : in stead of right clicking on a song and then selecting the edit option, allow the keyboard combination 'Alt e' to do the same for (a) selected song(s)

Just suggestions ...
I use the ."Recent" tab and press "Clear List" before doing a batch import. Just a workaround,but itĀ helps
Thanks for the tip. But that is in MSPro is'nt it, not Companion ?
In MSPro itself there already the ability to sort by creation date, which is what I use.
Yes, that's in MobileSheets. I don't use Companion by now, but I certainly will try it soon.