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Full Version: Song copy in song editor?
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Importing a PDF that needs splitting into separate songs, after the first is done, tapping Copy in the Editor could save it then leave it ready to change the pages and title for the next. 
Is something like this already there, or do any others think this is useful?
(Something like a Save as...)
That's how it already works today and I use it frequently. When you click "Copy" all the database entries of the song are copied and the Song Editor is opened, referencing the same PDF (the PDF is NOT copied). Change the title and the page order - that's it.
The implementation could not be better, just how I want it to be. 
Thanks, yes this is what I do. But I have to exit the editor (as far as I know) in order to Copy the song again. If it stayed within the editor (Save as or similar) I would not have to exit and return into the copy. Ok, it is just a few taps.
I have also found when I import a PDF, I cannot assign all the categories for it (only Setlists and Collections), maybe it is possible to add more than these, but I have not found it, then Save. Then I have to tap into Songs to find, the enter Edit again to finalise the song import. Once completed, I save which exits, then have to do the Copy song to create the next song.