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Full Version: Use MIDI to control MSpro
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Since MSpro has been released, I think I can bring this idea back.

I use MSpro to control my keyboards - I've programmed Program Change for each sheet I have. Now I would like to be able to control MSpro (mainly page turning, but maybe also to start audio backing track) using my keys/pedals via MIDI messages.

It could be hard set to one CC number (let's say 99 or some normally unused one) and each value could have different action specified - like CC99 with value 10 - Go To Next page, CC99 with value 21 - Start or Pause Audio Track. This way you wouldn't need to change any settings in MSpro (other than "accept incoming MIDI messages") and you will specify this in your keyboard, guitar multi-effect, etc.

I know Mike said it will be part of one of the first updates of MSpro (hope it's still true), but I just want to share this idea with others...
Just want to bring this request up. Any change to see this implemented soon?
It's still on the list of things to do. I just have to work off each thing one at a time. I wish I could develop things faster, but I'm stuck only being able to work nights and weekends, so progress is somewhat slow.

I completely understand it. Just another idea connected to this one - would it be possible to use MSpro to relay incoming MIDI messages from one MIDI device to another (both connected via USB hub)?
I could add a MIDI forwarding mode where you specify what channel you want to receive on, and what channel you want the message to be sent back out on. It wouldn't be that difficult to add.
That would be great, it would simplify my live setup!