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Full Version: Page numbering
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If you have settings 'Always Show The Title Bar' on, then you get page numbering (2/5, etc.). However, if it's set to 'off' then no page numbers are shown. I like to keep it off, as it can hide the top line of some charts.

Any chance of showing the page numbering no matter what the Title Bar setting is?
By the same token, with the title bar off, there is no quick access to the notes. Perhaps this could be added to the list of touch actions?
Sure thing Graeme (to both). I'll have to figure out how I want to display the page number separate from the title bar.
Thank you very much - you are a developer who actually listens to his customers and puts many major software houses to shame.

Neither of these is of earth-shattering importance and I'm sure there are other things that need sorting out first and I'm happy to wait for the addition of these two little features. Just wanted to make a note of them while they were fresh in my mind Smile .