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Full Version: Half Page display mode
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With the half page mode set, it is sometimes impossible to notice that you haven't completed the page turn with the second click.  This can be problematic in starting to play the first half of the second page followed by the second half of the first page.  Maybe a dotted line between the two halves.

We've already been there - - just waiting until Mike has time to implement it.
(05-03-2015, 12:28 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]We've already been there - - just waiting until Mike has time to implement it.

Thanks Graeme

I don't see the dividing bar that you refer to:

"This all works well, except for one small thing. When a half page is being displayed there is a black bar between the two half pages, thus indicating that the screen you are viewing is not a complete page. In reverse mode display, you can't see this bar, as it is the same colour as the background"

Maybe it's my settings but I'll await a resolution from Mike.

I'm waiting as well Smile .

TBH, since upgrading the tablet I've stopped using half page and now use full page turns exclusively. On balance, I think Mike's idea of being able to adjust half page display so as not to cut a stave in half, etc., is well worth doing anyway, plus it solves the problem you have, without having to address it directly.