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Full Version: Occurrence of straight lines
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Hello everybody!

When using the S-Pen for writing down some annotations, some strange straight lines seem to occur sometimes. It's not that big of a problem, I'd just like to know, if there's anybody else who can confirm this issue occurring from time to time?

Many greetings

do your lines look anything like the ones I posted in ?

From time to time I've come across this, I'm just not sure if it's something
coming from a current current of MsPro, or from one of the beta versions.

Yep, Ketil, kind of similar, although my lines weren't that big and curved IIRC. I myself experienced this behavior very rarely in the latest free version of Mobilesheets Pro from the Play Store. "Pen input" and "Save when changing page" feature were activated. Not sure if i can reproduce this issue, it seemed to come out of nowhere without any reason.