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Full Version: MobileSheets on E-Ink-Display
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Does anybody know a solution for using MobileSheets with E-Ink-Display? Would be fine in use with something like a Kindle Paperwhite.

I could not find a discussion to this topic.

Thanks for ideas!

Although an attractive proposition, it seems to me that most e-Ink displays are too small for practical use as a music reader. Large displays are few and far between and I have never found one that was part of an Android-based system.

Perhaps the most potentially useful device is the Sony DPTS1 - but that is not Android based, as far as I can make out, more likely some sort of proprietary OS. However, I think this is one worth keeping an eye on, as it might end up being developed as a full-blown Android tablet.
Yes, theat's true: usual E-Ink-Displays are too small. I believe, that from 10' upwards one will work with... So let's hope, that somewhere in future there will be displays that are big enough. Hopefully Mirasol! ;-)

(sorry for my bad english...)
The Sony device has a 13.3" screen - perfect for music Smile .
9.7inch Onyx BOOX M96C has Android 4.0.4 with Google Play with "update to 4.4 available very soon". Capacitive multi touch screen but resolution only 1200×825.
Onyx is already developing new android 13.3" model which could be available soon.

Netronix has android based 13.3" flexible E Ink reader with capacitive touch and digitizer:
Unfortunately Netronix cannot sell its "knockoff" because the the number of lawsuits it would face.

Sony's DPT-S1 is 2 years old so it might be updated (not much hope) with android. Perhaps it might be hacked/jailbreaked miraculously.
Unfortunately Sony's Digital Paper aka DPT-S1 has no Bluetooth. So you can't use wireless page turners.

DaSung makes 13.3" monitor It might be available inn late 2015.

There's some hope in Android powered large ereader. I'm not mentioning smaller readers as they're not really suitable for the sheet music.
Coincidentally I was looking at Kindle DX last week (ebay and Amazon listings) for music use outside.
First Android (MobileSheets compatible) A4 E-Ink device should be available in couple of months:

Onyx Max 13.3inch has flexible plastic (glassless) screen = durable and lightweight.
E-Ink display = weeks of battery life.
Supports both touch + stylus pen.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=146061&d=1454666193]
Thanks, this is interesting. Please keep us informed!
That really does look amazing. If the stylus works well, that may become the best device to run MS Pro on. Please post updates if you get any!
Big question is how quick the page turn are. Does it take a couple of seconds for the next page to fully appear?

Also if they have sound capabilities for player and metronome.
(02-07-2016, 09:30 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]That really does look amazing.  If the stylus works well, that may become the best device to run MS Pro on.  Please post updates if you get any!

MobileSheets on new 13inch epaper based Onyx Max!

Sheet music on Onyx Max including annotations:

(02-07-2016, 10:50 AM)jeffn1 Wrote: [ -> ]Big question is how quick the page turn are.  Does it take a couple of seconds for the next page to fully appear?

Page turn speed is very quick as very similar Netronix:
Or Pocketbook Flex:

It very much depends on how your PDF is optimised. I am printing sheets straight from notation software to PDF so the files are VERY small and quick.
Also Onyx Max should get a new i.MX7 processor later this year. Which should be revolutionary for epaper devices.

Other news:

Sony DPT-S1 aka Digital Reader can be unlock into an android ereader:
It is only Android 2.2.1 so I am not sure what is the minimum MobileSheets requirement.
I hope Sony is going release updated model with Android later this year.

Looks like after 15 years of waiting I might fulfil my dream and finally live in the 21st century - PAPERLESS with digital paper.
The Onyx Max is supposed to ship mid April?

Indiegogo campaign has just started for OEM version of Netronix's 13.3 inch Android 4.0.4 e-reader with E-Ink's Mobius display $699:

Sadly no Bluetooth.
I will be one of the first owners of this Onyx Max.
Ordered early in advance.....
So I will report immediately about stylus and page turning etc..... when it will finally arrive.
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