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Full Version: Metronome "Accent First Beat" color
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When the Metronome "Accent First Beat" is selected on the Metronome window, then in Metronome Display Settings, Mode is "LEDs", the first beat isn't orange as the user guide indicates. The other modes do make the first beat orange.

MS 1.0.6, Samsung SM-P600 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

I can try to look up the original post, but I believe the feedback from the beta was that people didn't want the first LED color changed, as you can see it's the first unlike the other display modes. I will have to update the user guide.

The original problem with this particular display mode was that it was difficult to determine exactly where the first beat fell as the first marker did not disappear quickly enough. This, Mike changed to how it now is. This was the thread that started it off -

There's little reason in the first beat being a different colour - no real point to this, as its position is enough to show which beat it is.
OK i think i agree, color accent of first beat not all that useful.