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Full Version: Samsung Note Pro
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I heartily recommend installing this ROM

I have had zero problems with it - has solved all problems i had with the original rom, mainly bluetooth speaker sync, and the tablet is fast and smooth.
CyanogenMod gets a good press, but SM-P900 is not officially supported. There's an unofficial CM11 ROM for SM-P900. According to the reviews, users are happy with it.

Also, depending on your geographical (jurisdictional) location, rooting a device may not void the warranty at all. E.g., the vendor may not blamed hardware issues on the rooting. I know that's the case in Europe.
I'm running a 12.2 T900... I had the same issues "No USB storage" "No keyboard/mouse" I was thinking about rooting my tablet also.
Last ditch before rooting, I got an OTG cable for $3 = All Better (atleast for me)
Love the 12.2 screen with MSPro....
Since I just got mine and these issues don't bother me at the moment I'm going to leave it as is [oem] at least until I'm satisfied that nothings broke. Besides I can do everything on my tf700 and switch the card to the p900. Smile Music is a hobby for me so I don't need things to work efficiently like many of you do. This means I do a lot of things the hard or slow way [what can I say except "I'm retired' Smile]. 
By the way, I turned off 'auto update' on the p900 to help eliminate problems Samsung reportedly has with new upgrades/updates.
I'm 'retired' as well, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to kowtow to suppliers who think they know best, when it comes to what I want.

My first computer was a KIM1 - younger members will have to google that - and I'm well aware that, these days, a lot of what we have to put up with is tied to either advertising or the promotion of the specific vendors products.

I do understand skips point - if it does what you want, why worry about it? To a degree, I would go along with that view, but I sincerely believe the end-user should be allowed to make his/her own choice in these matters.
Mine was radio shack trs 80, model one. Looks like us retired folk have similar views about having other folks telling us what we need or don't need in the way of consumer goods.
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