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Full Version: Showstopper[1.0.7] Screen turns black
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In 1.0.6, when in song view mode, there was a brief moment the screen turns black, showing a cycling arrow, every time a bluetooth connection to the pedal was made or lost. That was a minor nuisance.
With 1.0.7, the screen turns black and shows the cycling arrow but it doesn't come back anymore. I need to long push to get it out of song view mode, and then into song view mode again. This is something you cannot do during a performance.
In practice this is even more of a pain since some pedals occasionally lose/restore BT contact.
I had to give up bluetooth pedals . . . . (But, it has not bothered me much).
All three of mine do the same thing. If I rotate them 90* and return, the display recovers. It doesn't matter which position I start with. All do this when BT is already started on the tablet then the page turner is turned off/on. On the tf700, stopping/starting on either the tablet or the page turner causes the effect. The page turner is a Cicada. It happens in night mode and normal mode and in overlay and performance modes. Using the page bar or touching the screen to change pages [only multi page docs] also caused the display to appear when I tried it. Selecting edit or annotate then cancel also brings back the display for single page docs.
This is really a problem caused by the BT pedal, rather than MS or the OS.

My own pedal, built around an Adafruit EZ-Key, works fine, probably because it never turns itself off. However, if I deliberately turn it off, then I see the same problem as reported above.

Whether or not Mike can overcome this problem from within MS is the real question - seems to me to more of a problem that needs to be sorted by the pedal manufacturers. If they stopped trying to save every mW of battery (in order to claimas long a battery life as possible) I think the problem wouldn't exist.
It seems to me to be a 2 part problem;
1 - the pedal makers fixing the random disconnects and allowing the user to adjust/stop the device sleep actions,
2 - Mike checking into the apparent sensitivity of the app to a paired device being turned off/on.
I realize getting the pedal makers to do something may not work but Mike and other developers already are forced to code around the idiosyncrasy’s of multiple os versions and tablet manufacturers so he will probably find an answer for this problem also. He's done it before on some weird stuff.
(05-13-2015, 11:41 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]This is really a problem caused by the BT pedal, rather than MS or the OS.

Although this may be true at deeper levels, MS 1.0.6 did a good job (only a very brief black screen, hardly a nuisance) while 1.0.7 is unusable with a (some?) BT pedal. So there must have been changes in MS that turned the nuisance into a showstopper.
There were no specific changes related to the handling of pedal input in 1.0.7. The only difference I can think of that might have caused a change in behavior was a switch I made to newer support libraries from Google. It's possible the code I'm now using has problems that weren't present in the previous versions of the support libraries. I'm currently on travel for my day job this week, so I don't currently have my pedals with me, but I'll do some testing this weekend to see if I can get to the bottom of this.


This is highly appreciated!
I re-installed 1.0.6 for my performance tomorrow. After that, I'll re-install 1.0.7 so I can give you all the input you may need.
(05-13-2015, 01:49 PM)Skip Wrote: [ -> ]the pedal makers fixing the random disconnects and allowing the user to adjust/stop the device sleep actions,

A pedal going to sleep after a period of inactivity is perfectly sensible. So no matter how the pedal is configured, the software should be prepared to encounter dis/reconnects and handle these elegantly.
I consider the old (1.0.6) behaviour of a short 'black flash' acceptable.