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Full Version: 1.0.8 Scroll settings set as default and apply to all songs in library
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These 2 settings don't work [not saved] for me. I made changes in the two of the settings [scroll behavior/start scroll time], selected each one [default/apply to all] separately then changed songs and they both had reverted to the original settings for the new song. They do save for an individual song.

One of these could probably be eliminated as they seem to accomplish the same thing. I would suggest Set as default be kept. In fact, the 'Apply to' button might be changed to 'current song' and a new button, 'Set list' , be added. The 3 buttons could have a text title of 'Apply to'. This would eliminate a pop up step. Just something to think about on top of everything else. Angel
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Got a fix in place for this. I'm going to leave the apply to options for now - applying changes to the entire library is a very different thing than setting the default. You may want to update the default without forcing every song in the library to the same values.