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Full Version: How to smooth scroll between pages?
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For 8 pages marked allegro I set scroll speed to what seems a reasonable value.  One line scrolls off the top in approximately the same time that I play one line.  All is fine until the bottom of the page, at which point the current page is replaced by the next page before I am ready for it.  Or if there is a pause it is impossible to tune the timing exactly--the page flip is either too early or too late.

Obviously I am missing some fundamental thing--just installed MobileSheets Pro two days ago.  Is it possible to scroll at the same speed from beginning to end, as if the music were printed on one very long page?  Or does this problem have a different sort of answer?

Suggestions appreciated.
T o scroll from top to bottom.
1 - Set the 'Display mode' [3rd icon from left at screen bottom] to 'Vertical scroll'.
2 - Select Scroll settings> Scroll behovior> 'Scroll continously to end' from popup from 1st icon at the bottom.
3 - Adjust speed using 'scroll speed'.

This can also be used for page turns using one of the other scroll behaviours.
Thank you... Yes, that worked.