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Full Version: writing with pen sometimes sluggish
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Hi, I searched but couldn't find an answer. Sometimes when I'm writing on a PDF on my note pro 12.2 the writing is kind of sluggish. How can I make this quicker?
If you continue to make a lot of freeform drawings where you lift the pen, draw some more, lift the pen, draw some more, etc, MS Pro is combining this into one annotation with many separate parts, making it complex and harder to process. If you periodically change the active tool, or do two two-finger taps to switch to pan then back, this would break up the drawings, which would speed things up. I've been considering changing the implementation to better address this issue, but I'm not sure what approach I want to take yet. If this doesn't help, let me know.
Thank you. I'll try this.
I have an overall feeling that MSPro > 1.0.6 is slugghish. Maybe this is due to the new UI design?
Just to clarify - it appeared to become more sluggish from 1.0.6 on? Or you started using it at v1.0.6 and it's been sluggish the entire time?
1.0.6 is what I still use. 1.0.8 feels sluggier.
I also remember having encountered some anomalities with batch import, that I needed to push on some fields (collections, sources) several times before the dropdown menu showed. But I used 1.0.8 very shortly since I quickly went back to 1.0.6.