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Full Version: Google hangouts and MSPro
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I was in a rehearsal last week and had accidentally left my wifi on on my tablet (I had just downloaded some music into MS pro prior to the rehearsal). While playing suddenly google hangouts took over the screen: someone a friend wanted to have a video chat. I laughed about it, told myself to always remember to turn off the wifi, but I would think that hangouts or Skype (no idea if that can "break in" also) should not be able to be activated when MS is open.
Unfortunately, I can't stop other applications from creating notifications. Did you have full screen mode enabled in the display settings? This probably would have stopped the notification from showing up, as the status bar would have been hidden. The only other way to handle this would be to have a setting to automatically shut off wifi, either when MS is loaded or when performance mode is enabled, but I think that probably isn't necessary.
I did have full screen... And it wasn't a notification : it was a video call request (with an incoming sound like a telephone ringing) that takes up the full screen, over top of my music.....
Wow, that's pretty bad... I'll have to do some research to see if there is anything I can do about that. If you have any recommendations for changes you would like, let me know.
I think that you need to get used to switching these apps off when on stage. It's just like switching off (or silencing) your mobile phone. Put the tablet in Airplane mode and you're done.
I always turn wifi off, just forgot this once. That happens! I am just wondering if it is possible for an app like MSpro to automatically disable apps like Skype, Hangouts or any other app that can send video/call requests while reading music...
No idea whether that is even possible! Just in case someone forgets to turn off wifi, which which I am sure will happen ;-)
I think it is possible for an app, given the right permissions, to switch off WiFi. But would you want that?
I'm often running MSPro while preparing scores and setlists and use song view mode to inspect the display. I wouldn't want MSPro to switch off WiFi in these situations...
No, I would NOT want it to turn off wifi!! Often I need it on downloading several pieces, etc: there are many occasions when it should remain on! Like I said: if it could somehow disable hangouts, Skype.... If not, we'll all just have to remember to turn off wifi when it is important!