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Full Version: 1.0.9 reset pedal actions
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Mike can you check the Reset button for pedal settings?
If you clear them and play around with the settings a bit, then leave the keys cleared (or populated from airturn) then exit, then go back in and Reset, only the action for the pedals reset, the keys Up Down etc. are not reset to all the options originally showing (for all pedals).
Is this intentional or a bug?
The reset just resets the values to what they were when you first entered the screen. Think of it more like a cancel button to undo any changes that have been made. I didn't think it was very useful to provide a "reset to defaults", because I think most users who have pedals tend to change all of the settings anyways. If I'm wrong, and it's worthwhile to add a "Reset to defaults" kind of option, let me know.

As it is is fine for me. Thanks for the explanation.