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Full Version: Page cropping.
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You closed the other discussion, so here the answer: the screen shot went under general discussion. See it?
I have no idea how the thread got closed - sorry about that. Thanks for the screenshot.
Are you using the "Center Pages" option? What page scaling and display modes do you currently have active? Are you using the tablet in portrait or landscape?

Another glitchy thing in this vein in the latest update.
In landscape mode - fit to screen a page was cropped and some notes cut off.
Even with recropping it large no way.
If I use the half page mode - yes it comes back.
Workaround was to manually resize the page and the lowest part, which was cropped comes back.
The coding in the previous version (which had no text tool) didn't do this something must have been change a little?
No biggie though but I thought Mike you might want to know...
Oddly enough, no code changed between 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 that would have affected that. Was the song zoomed at all? You can clear the zoom with a two finger tap now. If there is an easy way to reproduce this, please let me know.

I have attached a screen dump of the settings. I use portrait mode. In any of the page scaling modes the problem persists. The problem is not there in landscape...
If either of you can export a song that is demonstrating this error, that should be all I need to fix it. I don't seem to have any songs that exhibit any problems in any of the page scaling modes. If there are specific steps to reproducing this error, with information about the settings used, that would also work.

Thanks for the help,
Is it happening just while turning pages, or after entering/exiting a different screen, such as the annotation editor or cropping screen?
Actually whenever I open a page it may or may not appear correctly. Then after turning or annotating it also may or may not be good. Sometimes entire bars disappear, see screen shot I posted in a new post. (couldn't attach them here). I will try to export a piece. Thanks!
The file you sent me just appears to be zoomed. If I pinch zoom out, it renders fine. You can also do a two finger tap to clear it.
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