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Full Version: Rotations issues with ChordPro setslists
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Seems that if if have a setlist of chordpro songs loaded, going from portrait to landscape causes the next song in the set list to display.
Thanks - I'll look into this right away.
Also noticed that annotations on Chordpro files do not rotate correctly.  i.e. if annotation added in portrait, shows in wrong location in landscape.
I was not able to reproduce this problem in v1.1.2, so I'm hoping it's taken care of. Please let me know if you still see the problem after updating.

If the document is rendered different in portrait versus landscape, then all bets are off in regards to the annotations. If it looks the same in both orientations, then the annotations should definitely be positioned correctly. I did release some fixes in v1.1.2 related to annotation positioning, but I'm not sure if it would affect this issue.