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Full Version: New Two and three finger tap options
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The options mention the 'two finger tap' twice. The second one should read 'three finger tap' .Probably copy/paste error.

I noticed that the 'anotate song' option for the 3 finger tap, loads the page that was tapped on, while the same option in the 2 finger tap, always seems to load the first page of the song. Not sure if that is intentional?
I meant to fix this before I pushed out the update, but missed it. I'll make sure it gets into the next one - thanks for letting me know.
Thanks, glad to help.
Mike I see the text has been changed but the behaviour not.

When in two page display mode I do the 2 finger tap on the right page, it opens the annotation editor for the left page. In 3 finger tap mode , it will directly open the tapped page.
You are correct - in my haste I forgot to update that code. Thanks again.