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Full Version: Auto audio start in setlists
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In the green mobilesheet version I could directly start the next audio file of a setlist by tapping to the next song, if the previous audio file was still running. This doesn't work any more in the blue mobilesheetspro-version.

It would be good to have an time option (configurable for example 0 - 60 Seconds) to automatic start the next audio file from the actual setlist. Maybe the time until start could be shown as a countdown with the possibility to stop.
You need to configure each song to automatically start the audio if that's what you desire. Just navigate to the song in the setlist, tap on the gears at the top right of the audio player, and check the option for "Automatically play audio when song is loaded". I chose to make this a per-song setting instead of just a setlist setting so that it works when individual songs are loaded. If this is tedious and people would like an option to apply it this setting to every song in the setlist, I can certainly add that.

Thank you Mike for the answer, but that is not, what I meant.

The option you have installed works at all appearances of the song.
To my opinion it should be selectable for songs in setlists instead of songs only.
I use the same song sheet in a setlist to play only by myself and in another setlist to play together with some friends.
If I play by myself I use mobilesheet-audio as backing group. Then it would be comfortable to have a configurable time option before automatic audio start. I normally need some seconds to look for the song key and check the melody.