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Full Version: Midi device connected instability reappering?
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In 1.09 there was a fix for possible MSPro instabiliy when connected to a MIDI device.
I never reported this, but before this fix, MSPro would freeze regularly when my keyboard was connected over MIDI, but in an OFF state. (when not playing, but just working on song metadata for example). So I took the habbit of either not connecting or turning the keyboard on. Problem solved [WHITE SMILING FACE]
With the fix in 1.09 however, I retested this and it no longer mattered wheither the keyboard was ON or OFF. Since then I have been using MSPro disregarding the state of the keyboard.

However today with 1.13, the issue reappeared. Repeatedly even.
I may have skipped installing some versions of MSPro between 1.09 and 1.13, so no idea if this is a coincidence or this issue reappearing in 1.13 or in a previous release of MSPro ...
I don't know if there is a way for me to reinstall 1.09, just for the sake of testing this or not?
I'm really surprised that the MIDI problems are still present. I can send you the v1.0.9 apk if you want to try testing it out, but I believe the problem should have existed for both versions. When you say the keyboard was in an OFF state, I assume you mean powered off, correct?. I just want to be sure I know how to reproduce this problem.

Mike, yes i meant keyboard powered off.
I again got the hang situation this morning while testing the page slider thing. So maybe if you could send me the 109 I could test to rule out other causes. You should already have my email adress. If not let me know.
I got the mail, and allowed installing from unknown sources but it won't install.

The install process looks normal but ends in 'app not installed'

Do I need to uninstall 113 before installing 109 ?

Update . .
Ok, figured it out myself. Need to uninstall first.

So here is what I did
Relaunched slate 21 with midi connected keyboard turned off.
Launched MSPro 113, confirming that usb device can be connected.
Quit 113 and relaunched it a few times. Got a hang situation (black screen) Waited several seconds. Screen did not come. Powered on keyboard. MSPro awoke.

Uninstalled 113, installed 109, powered off midi keyboard, relaunched tablet.
Repeated above scenario with empty database. No problems
Loaded 1 song into MSPro. Repeated scenario again. No problems

Upgraded to 114 via play store, relaunched tablet.
Repeated above scenario. No problems
Restored my backup
Repeated scenario. No problems
Went into the options to set everything as I normaly use
Repeated scenario. No problems

Conclusion? You were right, does not seem MSPro version related. Maybe something got messed up somewhere on my tablet that was cleared by the uninstall or so.

Anyway, thanks for your (as allways) quick response and help
Thanks for checking into that. I hope the problem doesn't come up for you again. I need to get a smaller midi device that I can keep near my computer for testing. If anyone knows of a small midi device that connects with MS Pro, let me know.