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Full Version: [1.1.2-1.1.3]Urgent - MSP totally crashed
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While editing ChordPro files and editing songs in the song editor MSP 1.1.2 crashed and could not be restarted. When I clicked the MSP icon on the display the MSP main window opens for some seconds, then a message "MobileSheetsPro wurde beendet" (from my German Android: "MSP has been closed") and nothing else. There's a "Report" option offering to send some report information to Google and that's it. As PlayStore offered updating to 1.1.3 I updated, the same situation again. Instead of sending the reports to Google I took the screenshot that are attached
@Mike: If you want to analyse the situation I can leave it as it is for a few days and make more screenshots, there's plenty of information in these reports, but I did not find a better way to save it other than opening the preview of the report and make screenshots. So I would need some guidance which parts are helpful for you.
Otherwise I would uninstall MSP and reinstall from scratch. Please let me know how to proceed.
I have the crash report - I'll get it fixed and push out an update immediately. Sorry about that!

Thanks a lot, Mike. 1.1.4 fixed it. You're great.