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Full Version: Filtering on Key is not restrictive
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The Key filter (working again in 1.1.5) filters on the leading substring only. For example, when I select key 'D' I also get 'Db', 'D#', 'Dm', and so on. Since all these can be simultaneously selected for filtering the current behaviour looks like a bug to me.
The key filtering is text based and just looks for a song whose key field contains the given text. There are no restrictions on what values can be entered for Key (you could enter Z# if you wanted to). Due to this, searching for "D" will result in anything that matches D as you described. If filtering on just one key is desired, it's probably better to use the Keys dropdown.
I'm not sure I understand. I'm using the drow-down list for the Key filter on the song list screen.
See screenshot.
Okay, that's definitely a bug then. Thanks.
Just fixed this - the filtered list now reflects only what you've chosen and the filtering is much faster (major improvements to the filtering algorithm).
Thanks, Mike!
No, thank you! I appreciate the help more than you know.