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Full Version: Problem with numeric and custom sort
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My title is configured to be %TITLE%. I have many songs that start with 2- and 3-digit numbers. However, when I select numeric sort in the songs list, I get a consistent but seemingly random order.

18 Hey Jude
046 In This Heart
046 In This Heart
047 The Wayfaring Stranger
047 The Wayfaring Stranger
010 Brown Eyed Girl
010 Brown Eyed Girl

The duplicates are okay, they're different sources. A-Z sort and the date sorts look okay.

My Custom2 field is filled with the text " Capo X " for songs that have a capo. When I sort on Custom2 (selecting only Lead Sheets) I get:

001 Dirty Old Town
002 All Around My Hat
003 Ride On
004 Past The Point Of Rescue
005 Six Ribbons
006 Don't Think Twice
007 The Unicorn
008 Molly Malone

This looks like alphabetical order to me. Of the above songs, only 007 has a Custom2 field filled (with " Capo 5 ").

This is MobileSheetsPro 1.1.6.
I have a fix in place for this now - thanks.