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Full Version: Feature request: new column with MIDI number in Setlist and Library Windows
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Hello Mike

What do you think about implementing MIDI Number view in a new column visible from
setlist Songs and Library Window (in MSPC) - see the screenshot.


You could have the user ability to view/hide that column.

What for that solution?
Such a solution would allow for quick verification, which songs have not been assigned "number".

What do you think?

Kind regards.
p.s. thank you for last update. Everything works like a harm
If people think this would be useful, I will consider adding it. It really is geared only for KORG keyboard users though.
Dear mike, this would be definitely great add-on and facilitation for all Korg society.
I hope there some Korg users here who support my idea.

Mike any news about above.
Just juggling a lot of work at the moment. I can certainly try to carve out time for it soon though. There really wasn't any feedback from any other users about this though, so it's really hard to gauge how useful it would be to most users.