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Full Version: Vertical Scrolling again
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I still don't think scrolling has been sorted out completely. I have been holding fire on this as other things seemed more important, but I'm finding more situations where it doesn't do what I want.

For the purposes of this I am only using portrait and vertical scrolling mode. I don't have any foot pedals, I'm just tapping and scaling is set to fit width. I don't use auto scroll. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 which I think has a 16x10 display. The songs I have to scroll are at most 4 pages, but usually 2 or even 1 and a bit.

Most of the time what I want to do is scroll a page at a time to the end, then scroll all the way back to the beginning to repeat the whole thing.

Scrolling forward works well. I get a bit of the previous page so I can see the context and enough of the next page to move on.

It is scrolling back that doesn't work. First I really want to go back in one touch, but if there is 2 pages or more I have to use two taps. Then it often won't go back even after several taps. It get almost there and then stops, sometime saying "Start of Song". So I have to scroll it by hand.

Attached is one of the worst. Maybe a little unfair as it isn't a full two pages and is made up of several files, but I get similar results with single files and full pages.

I have tried links and they work, but it is difficult to tap the link when you're in a rush. I wonder whether there should be a "Back to the beginning" link that can be triggered by the "Scroll back" tap.

Check out Settings>Touch & pedal settings>Touch actions then the drop down there is a selection to go to start of the song.
OK, that works as a "catch all", but it has to be assigned to a "new" touch. The normal scroll forward & back (or back really) don't work properly.


How about using 'link points' - would that work for you?
As I said at the end of my post, I have tried links. they work, but it is difficult to tap the link when you're under pressure on a gig. And I have to set it up for every song, or have something different on some songs.

These are all workarounds that mean I am coping, but really it should work using the scrolling. The example file I have attached won't scroll backward at all. That has to be wrong.