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Full Version: Library Tabs
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In the settings screen, it is possible to configure what tabs are shown in the library screen.

I added Source Types, Keys and Signatures. The tabs are shown, but empty.

After a restart, Source Types and Signatures are filled with contents, but Signatures remains empty.

If a restart is necessary, please mention this somewhere.

The empty Signatures tab seems a buglet to me.
I don't seem to encounter this problem on my Nexus 10, so I will have to try other tablets. This may be a stupid question, but you've assigned signatures to songs, right? The signature field shows up for me.

I also don't have this problem on a Galaxy Tab 2.
Did you have any filters present when you initially tested this?
I stand corrected... I was sure I had signatures installed, but apparently I lost them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
No worries - is the problem with the source type and key tabs still an issue though?
It seems that the first time a field is added to the tabs, a field that has never been displayed, a restart is necessary to get it populated. After that, you can add/remove it at will. No big deal. Not even a small one Wink .