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Full Version: Numeric sort / SORTTITLE / Bulk ChordPro import
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This is a combined reply to the threads mentioned in the subject.

Background: My files have names like "001_Dirty_Old_Town.cho". If it is a ChordPro file, it contains a title directive like
{title: 1. Dirty Old Town} .

When this file is imported, MSPro currently guesses the song title from the file name, and it becomes "001 Dirty Old Town". Actually, I'd like to use this for SORTTITLE, and have the title taken from the ChordPro directive. This is all (being) implemented. I can use numeric sort to get the songs listed in the right order.

However, only the songs list support sort settings. When I select a library tab (e.g., collection) and select one, the songs are listed in alphabetical order. So I get a list where songs 10 - 19 are shown between 1 and 2, and so on.

I could ask for custom sorting on all library tabs, but that would be a lot of work, and there are other issues much more relevant. Besides, even with numeric sort, there's still the problem how to sort names like "25. Foo Bar" and "25. My Song". So I just stick to using the 'full-digit' song titles. No problem.

Except that now I do need a "Ignore ChordPro directives" checkbox on the (bulk) import dialog to prevent the song titles from being overwritten by a possible {title} directive. I estimate that would be just a small task.